Mar.24 (GMM/ Lewis Hamilton has hit back at Charlie Whiting for singling him out over the course of the Australian grand prix weekend.

Following the world champion’s claim that drivers are not consulted on rule changes, F1 race director Whiting revealed that a key meeting was actually held at the Barcelona tests “but he (Hamilton) didn’t come”.

“It’s interesting that Charlie complained about me,” Briton Hamilton is now quoted as responding, according to Kolner Express newspaper.

And quoted by Speed Week, Hamilton added: “It was true that I was not there (at the meeting) in Barcelona. I was at a meeting with the Mercedes engineers.

“It is also very rare that anything is implemented as a result of our observations at such meetings,” he insisted.

“At most of the ones I’ve been to, Sebastian Vettel is the only one who talks. So why do I need to be there? I can read about what has happened later.

“I can only say it again that the decision-makers should consult us more,” Hamilton continued.

“For example, we have only one clutch lever now, but did the starts become more difficult? No they did not.

“For sure I’ve never been asked about the problem of following the car that is in front of you, which was a problem in Australia,” he added.


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