Nov.1 (GMM/ Ron Dennis is supportive of Lewis Hamilton’s move to Mercedes next year, the 2008 world champion insists.

Earlier, it was believed the pair were not even on speaking terms, with Dennis reportedly furious Hamilton had decided against staying with McLaren in 2013 despite his long connection with the famous British team.

But it later emerged that they would meet for dinner ahead of this weekend’s Abu Dhabi grand prix; the third-last in Hamilton’s McLaren career.

“We have spoken on the phone already,” Hamilton confirmed, according to the Mirror.

When asked about their recent problems, the 27-year-old answered: “Us? We didn’t have a problem before.

“He’s said it’s no problem, he said change is good for both of us and we will always have great history, which is the truth,” added Hamilton.

He insisted he does not feel guilty about leaving McLaren, agreeing that he has ‘repaid’ any ‘debt’ he might have owed the team for its long support.

“Yeah. I feel like I have,” said Hamilton. “How much and how far do you go?

“Listen, it’s not something I want get into, it’s absolutely insignificant. It doesn’t matter.

“We have won a world championship together, had an amazing journey together and I want to have a change and that’s going to happen. And I am happy about it. End of story,” said Hamilton.

  • fay ridd

    I am glad there is no friiction wouldn't it be boring if we took no risks in life Dennis has watched this young man from boyhood. Lewis could not stay another year he has to try something refreshing Nd so what if he's to wait another year to maybe. Find his true potential it's sure is going to be different but things should never stay the same life would stop. Lewis has more than paid his way. Who knows he's still young enough to take chances. So good luck Lewis I'm right behind you who ever you drive for. Your the master of the track not one finger joe.