Top Gear UK presenter Richard Hammond seems to be fed up with being “the cute little man who had a crash” and will definitely do something about this.

Richard Hammond has complained to the BBC bosses asking them to do something about his public image and the show could suffer from this and the response came quickly.

“Richard is not happy. He feels he has been left behind a bit and doesn’t have a defined identity on the show. Everyone knows Jeremy is the grumpy old man and James May is the old lady who drinks real ale and is a bit of a Sunday driver. But Richard reckons the only thing he is known for is the high-speed crash he had on the show which nearly killed him. He has put his life at risk for the show lots of times and feels it is a bit unfair that he isn’t a bigger part”, said a Top Gear insider, according to

The chemistry between the three UK Top Gear presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond is entertaining and makes the show unique and original in every way, a fact reflected in the 100 million people worldwide watching it on TV and many other millions who go online.

We definitely don’t want to see the show disappear because of Richard’s upset with his role and most UK Top Gear fans probably think the same so BBC should better do something about this because we are waiting for Season 18.


  1. Let's see, I make a ton of money, get to drive fast cars, and play with them all over Europe, and I am unhappy with my image. Wow! We should all have Hammond's problems.

  2. The Little Hamster with a Big Heart I can understand that he feeling left outside. Thought usually he comes with some strange ideas also as Clarkson thought they haven't been as outrageous lately. Thought his camping idea was big. thought it should have had better ending.

  3. It is an amazing show and I do not want to see anything happen to this show over something so stupid. I think things for Hammond starting going downhill for him when he left for a while and started doing day time t.v. Hopefully the BBC responds quickly and doesn't allow this to escalate.

  4. This is tabloid garbage. Won't believe anything until I see first-hand quotes from any of the 4 main men (Hammond, Clarkson, May or Wilman)


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