Hammond is still in hospital, Rimac CEO details the incident image

First things, first, after cheating Lady Death once more, Richard Hammond – the famous TV host from Top Gear and now The Grand Tour – is safe and still in hospital, but apparently out of harm’s way.

Now, after the serious accident involving the TV star and a Rimac Concept_One electric supercar during the Hemburg Hill Climb event – just after the finish line – much speculation has been flying around, probably in a bid to equal the tumbling down vehicle which took off a cliff and then burst into flames. Rimac founder and CEO, Mate Rimac, has now decided to try and shed some light on the incident in a recent statement. According to the executive, the vehicle jumped “300 meters (328 yards) horizontally and tumbled from a 100-meter (109 yards) height. After the first flight it fell on asphalt road 10 meters (11 yards) below the place where the fire started. I am not able to tell at which speed it was driven, but I cannot believe what nonsense has been written by people who have no idea, or are blind, or just mischievous.”

What we now know for sure is that Hammond came out mostly unharmed – aside from a fractured knee – on its own out of the wreck, which immediately afterwards became a fiery hazard. We also know the incident is going to delay the Grand Tour’s season two work, as per Jeremy Clarkson. The 2018 Rimac Concept_One is an electric hypercar, packing 1,224 horsepower (900 kilowatts) and able to achieve a maximum speed of 221 mph (355 kph).