Hankook Tyre UK Launches Advertising Campaign During Olympic Games image

To turn to advantage the London Olympics, Hankook Tyre UK plans to launch a new outdoor advertising campaign.

The commercials will be placed in central London in important locations such as York Road, Whitechapel Road, Cromwell Road, Chiswick Roundabout and North Circular Road. The campaign will last until the end of the Olympic Games, reaching until mid-September. Hankook Tyre UK declared that its ‘Be One with It’ campaign is an important part of the company’s marketing strategy. The commercials focus on the same message: the driver’s sense of ‘being one’ with the tyre and the road, and to experience the ultimate driving experience.

“To further strengthen our market position in the premium tyre segment and to continue building a sustained brand awareness we’re pursuing a stringent and targeted marketing strategy,” said Hee-Se Ahn, vice-president of marketing at Hankook Tire Europe. “Running campaigns in the environment of sports mega events with premium images and worldwide media attention are naturally on top of our agenda.”

There is also a TV commercial produced by Jeffrey Darling in New Zealand. Hankook’s ‘Be One with It’ campaign is not new to the public, as the company received for this campaign the ‘Industry Advertising Campaign Award’ at the 2011 National Tyre Distributors Association’s ‘TAFF’ Awards and the “Autospot 2011” award from Auto Build, a German automotive magazine.