Happy three decades Mercedes C 124 series! image

Do you remember the youth rumors that Mercedes cars were built to outlast their owners? Well, if it so happens you have a C 124 series model you might get the chance to test the theory.

I remember when I was a kid and my godfather had an E 230 – it was back then when I first started getting the thrills of joyriding and fell in love with powerful cars (even though it had 150 hp and a four-speed gearbox). And as it turns out, I may get the chance to experience the feeling once more, even though it’s been three decades since the arrival of the series – since they’re built to last. Anyhow, starting next year, the C 124 examples will be awarded the H – from historic – license plate at home in Germany. And the company is celebrating the anniversary in style – with the introduction of the all-new E Class Coupe. Being earnest, Mercedes is actually jumping the gun on this one, because they should blow the candles at the party in March, since the series went live at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1987.

The initial series was comprised of the 230 CE and 300 CE, followed by other variants such as 200 CE, 220 CE, and 320 CE, while the “Sportline” package arrived back in 1989 alongside an initial refresh. It was the same year when they also introduced the range-topping 300 CE-24 packing a six-cylinder engine with 220 horsepower (162 kilowatts). It was in June 1993 when the company decided to have the entire 124 family cosmetically enhanced and also get renamed to the traditional E Class moniker, and there was also the introduction of the E 36 AMG back in September 1993.