Harley-Davidson signs recently retired GM executive image

On Monday, General Motors announced that another top executive which was involved in tracking down the 2.6 million cars recall related to the ignition switch, was willingly retiring.

Now, acting swiftly, known US motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson Inc announced it was hiring Jim Federico, 56 – which was previously GM’s director of global vehicle integration since September 2013. Federico will take the position of vice president of engineering since June 2nd, working at the company’s Milwaukee HQ.

“We’ve been talking to Jim about this position for some time,” Harley-Davidson spokeswoman Maripat Blankenheim said.

It looks like for once general Motors told the truth about something – as the company announced Federico’s retirement was not related to the defective switch recall and the huge scandal surrounding it.

Actually, according to GM documents made public during last month’s Congress probe, Federico was among those who championed the track down of the problem – as his attention was caught by one of his engineer’s reports that worked in the company’s product investigations department and was investigating the source of air bag failures in GM models. Eventually, the internal effort to track down the root cause of the air bag problem led the engineers to actually rediscover the defective ignition switch.

Via Reuters