Harman brings interesting or futile technologies to CES image

The supplier’s vision of the dashboards of cars in the near future include massive areas for displays, but at the Consumer Electronics Show most will probably be mesmerized by their other idea – fitting a display to the roof of the car.

Harman thinks riding in autonomous cars will make you sleepy and want to recline your seat as much as possible – and in that moment, you’ll realize the equipment manufacture has actually fitted a huge digital display in place of a normal roof. It’s called the MoodRoof, and it’s actually part of the bigger Moodscape entertainment setup. Harman wants to help “automakers that are placing an increasing emphasis on the vehicle interior as a place for reflection and focus,” with Moodscape their proposition for the times when people inside want to relax and enjoy the ride. The QLED MoodRoof fills the cabin with images of calm scenery – for example a forest or underwater, along with matching natural sounds.

Harman brings interesting or futile technologies to CES 1

In case you want something that’s actually useful from Harman, better take a second look at the new “Digital Cockpit” concept that’s also been presented at CES. The traditional central infotainment screen has been ditched in favor of a huge, retractable display that encompasses the entire width of the dashboard (minus the area reserved for the instrument cluster, also digital). The QLED screen can be used by both driver and passenger at the same time, separately, and it’s complimented by a few smaller, discrete OLED screens placed around the cabin. Three dial controls also feature embedded OLEDs and below them sits a curved OLED screen for the typical controls you would normally see there.