Harman can hook your car to Apple CarPlay wirelessly image

The German automaker BMW is the first to have the innovative technology, which looking back seems an obvious need-to evolution, and the solution should widely become available later on for other Harman clients.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are some of the best known and useful third party infotainment solutions out on the market – as they make the process of getting smartphone-like connectivity in cars safe and easy to use. One interesting thing – which seems a bit dated in the mobility era – is that you need to plug in your Android device or iPhone with a cable. But Harman has worked around the issue, by combining Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, though in the near future it will initially work only with the iPhone/CarPlay combo. The connectivity solution is not out yet and has been demonstrated on a BMW, with the company promising it will become widely “available through select OEMs,” after first arriving on an unmentioned “luxury German automaker.”

The Samsung subsidiary offers its infotainment systems to a wide variety of automakers including the Volkswagen Group, Daimler, and BMW. When the connection is done, the CarPlay system will work seamlessly just like the current iteration – drivers have direct access to the phone, music, navigation and even mobile applications. harman will also sell the end-to-end solution to aftermarket providers – such as the Alpine iLX-107 aftermarket receiver that will be sold starting this summer for $899.