For many owners, the sound their car makes is an important part of the overall experience – just think of the after-sales possibilities of changing your car’s “voice”.

Well, these mostly relate to making your engine and exhaust system – the mains systems responsible for sounds coming from your car – sound different, better, or less noisy. And there are even those – like electric car users – longing for the traditional experience.

How about having at the tip of your finger any sound – from enhancement, total change or total muting. That’s what the audio gurus at Harman International, working together with Lotus Sports Cars want to achieve through a futuristic tech, called HALOsonic.

The system can mimic a humming bird, a roaring V12, the eerie sound (actually the total lack of it) of driving a space ship… well, in outer space.

Besides enhancing the overall driving experience, the new system – that features active noise cancellation, the possibility of projecting external sound or boosting altogether the sound experience – has also a practical application, allowing it for a considerable market expansion. Federal laws now mandate in the US the automakers that have very quiet hybrids or electric cars to equip them with a way of alerting the oncoming pedestrians or cyclists of the vehicle’s approach.


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