Hartmann Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is for both work and play image

While we’re not usually interested in already released commercial vans, even when a tuning project is involved, this Hartmann customization is the perfect illustration of the “work hard, party harder” expression.

Hartmann Tuning decided its Vansports Camper Sprinter should start its life as a high-roof Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 Kombi, up-fitted with lots of steel-and-aluminum for a work or play ambiance. The exterior gets a front spoiler, side sills, a rear apron and a set of alloy wheels with an anthracite-gray metallic finish. The van looks ready to serve the secret agencies of the world, with its black body and tinted windows. And they could put it to good use thanks to the interior enhancements. The roof and walls get treated to lower the noise, while a modular aluminum floor can fit seats and other furnishings. The idea is that when needed everything fit inside can be taken out easily and the owner gets back a cargo van with an aluminum rear floor.

Hartmann Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is for both work and play 7

The interior elements include side cabinets that feature a sink, a double-burner stove, a mini fridge, folding table, and two folding beds that are put lengthwise and eat up a lot of the interior when set up. Leather is present on all seats, a roof-mounted air conditioner keeps things fresh, there’s LED lighting and the mandatory external plug for campground power. There it is – practical tuning, Hartmann’s Vansports Camper Sprinter can easily go for work during the week and off on adventures during weekends.