Have a Bentley through the Concierge service image

The new Bentley on demand service is becoming available for previous Bentley owners for a limited time – just because you might want to choose another Bentley for the adventure weekend trip.

The members get a Bentley of choice at the time and place they need, and this concierge service is pretty much a rental car program that is exclusive to Bentley owners. To get yourself another Bentley, there’s only need of the Bentley Network app and account validation – users can afterwards select and reserve a range of Bentley models, which will then be delivered to a special location selected by the customer. The carmaker says a “courteous reminder” will be sent an hour prior to the reservation time, with the concierge ready to deliver the car and brief the driver on the car’s features. And in a nice twist, the exact same concierge will be there to pick up the Bentley once the reservation has run its course.

Have a Bentley through the Concierge service 2

With car sharing and ride sharing taking more and more clients from both taxi and rental car companies, it’s only logical automakers are also looking to grab a piece of the pie – and high-end brands such as Bentley will for sure request a premium to support their equally premium services. On the other hand, for now this new service from Bentley is very limited, as in only three cities will be served – New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas, with the program only running through the summer.