Have a chef experience on the go with the Peugeot “La Marcelle” image

Yep, we’re on to a luxury food experience here, happening in the comfort of the… street. This is thanks to Peugeot’s decision to create the “Black Pearl” of food trucks.

No Captain Sparrow around here, though we could imagine him looking for peanuts in the back of this luxury food truck. The French automaker set out to show us the new Peugeot Expert cargo van has indeed been designed to do it all – even create a luxury oyster tasting experience on the street. The automaker partnered with Veronique Gillardeau and her company Gillardeau – who worked along with the Peugeot Lab Design Team to come up with a traveling oyster bar that can create a new, more personal customer experience on the streets. Customers can even watch the oysters being prepared thanks to a sliding countertop that extends from the vehicle.

Have a chef experience on the go with the Peugeot La Marcelle 1

Alongside the innovative and bespoke countertop, designers included a sink, fridge, storage facilities, a water heater, and a fold-out bar with 204 cubic-feet (5.8 cubic meters) of usable space. The countertop alone is 1.9-meters (6.2-feet) high and stretches out to 4.96-meters (16.27-feet) in length. “I wanted to be able to offer tasting sessions at markets with a ‘traveling shop’ that was stylish, modern and practical. Explaining our work to my customers has allowed me to continue trying new things,” said Véronique Gillardeau. The build appeared on International Women’s Day, March 8 2017, and can be seen in Bourcefranc-le-Chapus, a small town in France on the coast facing the island of Oleron.