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If you like epic scenery and don’t fear a little draught – the peninsula is renowned for being a bit chilly – it’s a great idea to spend a summer vacation in Scandinavia. Though if you also pack a BAC Mono for the trip, better bring some thermal clothes for the drive as well.

British sports car manufacturer BAC has decided to change the island’s notorious harsh climate with something just as harsh when the elements collide. The automaker decided to indulge itself in an epic road trip to Scandinavia, taking the single-seat, open-cockpit Mono on a 2,000-mile hike around the region. The Atlantic Road Trip rally, kicking off in Stockholm and wrapping up in Copenhagen after a five-day tour of Sweden, Norway and Denmark, was the perfect excuse – after all it’s a great supercar show on the road – so the marketing department was completely covered.

Have you been to Scandinavia – in a BAC Mono 8

BAC was actually invited by the organizers, and the Cheshire-based exotic manufacturer took the opportunity to also send their photographer, Andrew Lofthouse, to capture the views, including the well-known Trollstigen Pass. The BAC presence was absolute novelty in Scandinavia, because there are no dealers there and so it was the first time it burned rubber in the region. “What a fantastic experience it was taking on the Atlantic Road Trip, we had an absolute blast! As well as enjoying the roads, we also had a fantastic time meeting the locals and introducing some of them to Mono for the very first time. The Atlantic Road Trip represents more new ground broken for BAC and the Mono, and we’re very excited for our next adventure,” commented Ian Briggs, BAC’s co-founder and design director.