Havelaar Bison is an all-electric pickup coming from Canada image

A mysterious startup has recently unveiled during an event in Canada the Havelaar Bison all-electric pickup truck concept as part of the EMC show in Markham, Ontario.

Along with the introduction of the prototype, named in full the Bison E-Pickup, the Toronto-based company also premiered its plan to put it into series production in Ontario, in a bid to compete with models such as the upcoming Tesla pickup truck coming “18 to 24 months” and the Workhorse plug in hybrid W-15 pickup truck. Havelaar announced in a statement the Bison E-Pickup has AWD with “advanced electronic management of the vehicle dynamics.” The powertrain consists of a dual-motor arrangement, and it’s also a modern pickup with “connectivity, touch screen display and driver assistive technology calibrated to meet both the day-to-day work demands and active lifestyle needs of adventurers.”

The battery pack hasn’t been disclosed but it’s said to be good for 300 km of range, and also the truck has been “built for tough Canadian weather conditions and challenging terrain.” The interior is also of Tesla inspiration – albeit with a more rugged, commercial feel – with the driver getting a fully digital instrument cluster and a central portrait-oriented touchscreen. No details have been given about when the pickup will actually make it onto the market, but we do know the company has a partnership with the University of Toronto.