Head-up displays are heading towards the next generation image

A technology imported from the state of the art military jets – the head-up display – is now seeing incredible advances thanks to the wider use expected throughout the automotive industry.

Now, the drivers could ultimately see the road and the surroundings in a completely different manner when driving, as the head-up display is leapfrogging into the “augmented reality” domain, where the system would essentially utilize most of the windshield’s area. Continental is one of the companies that work on developing the next generation HUD, but it’s not alone in the race.

“It allows you to have your eyes constantly on the road,” says Eelco Spoelder, chief of Continental’s instrumentation and driver HMI division. “If you have to look up from the instrument panel to the road, you need a second to change eye focus. You can travel blindly for quite a few meters.”

The German supplier, through its HMI unit (which stands for “human machine interface”) is ready to take up a contract that would bring the new technology into series production in 2017. The unnamed customer had a large choosing base, as rivals such as Nippon Seiki, Harman, Visteon, Bosch, Panasonic, Delphi or Denso have joined Continental in the “augmented reality” race.

Via Automotive News Europe