Heathrow Airport Prepares Special Terminal for the 8,000 Olympic Athletes image

With the London Olympics over, Heathrow airport prepares a special terminal for the departure of 8, 000 people.

Almost 6, 000 athletes will leave from a special terminal made especially for them, as big as three Olympic swimming pools, and other 116,000 people will leave from the Heathrow airport, compared with the record of 123,000 passengers in July 29th, 2011 and the 95,000 on a usual day.

It took the Heathrow airport seven years and an investment of 20 million pounds ($31 million) to be able to handle 80% of the Olympics visitors. In the following three days, the temporary terminal, and over 1,000 volunteers will help the athletes pass through the Heathrow airport.

“Olympic departures present a fresh challenge with new facilities like the Games Terminal being used for the first time,” Colin Matthews, chief executive officer of BAA, said in the statement. “We have been preparing for seven years to deliver a farewell of which the whole country can be proud.”

The UK’s second largest airport, located in Gatwick, expects 70,000 passengers, with 15% more than an usual August day. Although the number of athletes departing from this airport cannot be compared with that from the Heathrow airport, a Gatwick spokeswoman said that the biggest challenge will be processing the oversized, irregular bags with their equipment.