Hedge fund manager reinvents himself into luxury shuttle service owner image

The 2009 crisis hurt many people, especially in the financial and banking business at the beginning. One person involved in the sector, though, took the opportunity to reinvent itself and enter the automotive industry.

At any given moment, Richard Fertig, before 2009, was the fortunate manager of a hedge fund portfolio worth $4 billion – and he found out it was not nearly enough to get back in the race after the latest Great Recession took his job.

So, in a usual American style, he took the time to reinvent. He decided the best course of action would be to address one of his previous employments biggest headaches – the painful low-quality of ground transportation.

He moved to establish Brilliant Transportation, which is another take on the shuttle business – albeit definitely one that can only be afforded by those seeking luxury. His – very – wealthy customers are given the opportunity to travel in the atmosphere of a high-end hotel room, have their office amenities, the space and luxury of a private jet and the service of a concierge – all while on the go.

“Every driver drives me and my family around first before they are allowed to drive a client,” says Fertig about choosing his employees.

The fleet of around 30 refurbished Mercedes-Benz Sprinters offer such luxury finesse like hardwood floors, captain’s chairs or retractable work stations. Nothing comes to be enough – the cabin has wifi, satellite television, and other office amenities – all for around $225 an hour.

Via Business Insider