Heico Sportiv Volvo XC60 image

German tuning house Heico Sportiv, one of the best tuners for Volvo cars, took the newest XC60 and gave it a more athletic look and an increase in performance.


Heico Sportiv added a new set of aluminum leather gear shift lever (manual gearbox), aluminum Pedal, and aluminum foot rest. In addition, owners can choose between different types of leather, materials and finishes pick and mix color schemes. Complete set consist of four door panel inlays, seat covers, rear seat covers and gear shift bag. Nine various colors to choose.
Further leather types or other surfaces are available – on request.


For the exterior, HEICO SPORTIV designed a more aggressive front spoiler and rear skirt. Also the suspension was tuned. The increase in tracking width is provided by two high-strength corrosion-protected aluminium spacers per axle (30 mm tracking increase), and can be used optionally on the front and/or rear axle. The spacer set is of course supplied with longer wheel bolts.

HEICO SPORTIV sport springs are fitted in combination with the series shock-absorbers, and stand out for their progressive action, offering increased performance in heavy cornering, but well-balanced driving comfort in normal use. On top of the improved handling, the HEICO SPORTIV springs lower the vehicle approximately 30 mm, reducing the gap between the tire and wheel arch to create a sporty look.

19 to 20-inch alloy wheels are also available.


Both the 163 hp 2.4D and the 185 hp D5 engines are returned to generate 210 hp. Higher specification models with the turbocharged T6 engine will now produce 315 hp instead of 285 hp.