Heidi Klum spotted in new BMW M6 Convertible image

The famous German American model, TV host, fashion designer and businesswoman Heidi Klum has been recently spotted in her brand new ride, a BMW M6 Convertible.

Heidi Klum, who has just turned 40 on the 1st of June, looks better than ever in real, unmodified photos, and the latest ones are showing the model getting off the passenger seat of her BMW M6 Convertible. The German sports car was driven by Martin Kriesten, her bodyguard who became her boyfriend. We must admit that this is one good choice when it comes to new drop tops, especially because it’s not that previous ugly generation.

As a quick reminder, the BMW M6 Coupe and the BMW M6 Convertible are powered by the same engine, the 4.4 liter turbocharged V8, which is producing a total output of 560 HP, mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. BMW says that the M6 Coupe can do the 0 to 62 mph sprint in 4.2 seconds and the M6 Convertible in 4.3 seconds, but with the optional M Driver’s Package, the M6 can reach a top speed of 189 mph and 155 without it.

Source: Celebrity Cars Blog