HELLA opens new plant in China, expanding its presence image

The German automotive lighting group Hella is expanding its presence in China and has geared up to open a new production facility in Xiamen based in South-eastern part of China.

The group says that this new facility will supply automakers building cars locally in China. This facility will be a foremost Asian production center and will be known for automotive relays. This new electronics factory named HELLA will then be capable of serving the needs of local market as well as customers as said by the CEO of HELLA – Rolf Breidenbach. Rolf said in his statement that intensive customer proximity is a key factor for long-term corporate success in China.

This new plant is a division of HELLA Electronic Device subsidiary that focuses on building relays and other electronic products. These components are used in electronic applications such as door locking systems, vehicle control systems, seat controls, air conditioners, and lighting systems. The Hella group already concentrates on supplying some of the leading car manufacturer’s in the world such as Hyundai Motors, Shanghai General Motors and FAW-Volkswagen.

As of now, the group operates in total 10 locations in China where over 3,800 employees work.