Jeremy Clarkson’s fracas has put an end on the most famous car show out there, Top Gear, but he is not ready to leave just yet.

The most famous automotive journalist has recently ended his career with Top Gear but not before taking a hot vehicle for one last lap around the Top Gear test track. Jezza didn’t say which vehicle he used out of the three but since he is a Mercedes guy, chances are the AMG GT was the one driven. Let’s not forget that he praised the 458 Italia when it came out so don’t act too surprised if its successor, the Ferrari 488 GTB, was the one.

Also, last but not least, we remember him saying that the McLaren P1 was probably the best car he has ever driven, so considering the fact that the Ferrari LaFerrari is a direct rival, who knows, maybe this was his choice. The truth is that we have no clue on what Jeremy Clarkson drove for the last time on the Top Gear test track but he did say he made a massive tail slide in it. “I did the motherf^&ker of all tail slides through Chicago” and he added that it was “a bit sad leaving the place for the final time”. No matter what Clarkson drove, we have to admit too that it is sad saying goodbye to the popular car show.


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