The American tuner is well known for its outrageous modifications of inconspicuous vehicles turned into hypercars – such as the Lotus Elise turned into the world record holder Venom GT Spider.

Now world record attempts need careful planning and execution – and in the mean time the engineers and staff might get bored and start playing Plants vs. Zombies. To quench their thirst for video games, Hennessey has decided to showcase its tuning program for the Camaro SS (they also have one for the brand new which in stock form produces 455 hp. But for the interest of the tuning community, this is the 751-horsepower mod so the playing field is actually pretty even.

The HPE 750 upgrade kit has a supercharger running at 7-psi boost, the engine runs on ported cylinder heads and many components have been beefed up to endure the extra beating. The end result, according to the company is a coupe able to reach 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds and a new maximum speed of 2015 km/h. Well, since Hennessey didn’t mod this time around the Hellcat as well, it’s a given who’s going to win. By the way, the tuner also has the HPE 850 upgrade for the Hellcat – so with 852 hp the owner won’t be afraid of any Camaro or Mustang.




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