Hennessey reveals final piece of the Venom F5 puzzle – the interior image

The Texas tuner turned exotic manufacturer with a speed record obsession has just introduced at the start of the month the Venom F5 during the SEMA show in Las Vegas, but back then refrained from presenting the “cockpit”.

Back then it only teased the interior, with a sole image of part of the dashboard revealing the infotainment screen and the ample use of carbon fiber everywhere. Now the puzzle is complete because Hennessey has released new and revealing images of the Venom F5’s interior, complete with the mention that what we’re seeing there is the optional racing wheel setup. The cabin renders depict a mix of carbon fiber and another material – possibly Alcantara – with the aforementioned steering wheel with three spokes and a flat top and bottom riddled with controls.

Hennessey reveals final piece of the Venom F5 puzzle – the interior 3

It seems to encompass the turn signals, radio, flash (high beam), gear selector with start/stop, horn, and a mysterious red boost button. Behind it reside the shift paddles and a fully digital instrument cluster showing among others the “ERS” logo, which is clearly the energy recovery system. In the meantime, Hennessey is probably preparing its $1.6-million, 1,600-hp machine for the 300-mph run, given the fact that Koenigsegg has recently raised the bar pretty high in terms of records.