If you’re wondering how Hennessey took a 2017 Camaro to 1, 000 hp without breaking it, just remember this is the American tuner that plays on an equal level when it comes to speed records with Bugatti.

But Hennessey is also well known for being a lover of American muscle – be it from Ford or Chrysler. And since the trio isn’t complete without the Chevrolet side, the guys over at Hennessey will gladly sell you the latest upgrade package for the 2017 Camaro enabling you to best the cream of the crop Shelbys and SRTs. And because they’re fair, they also decided the Camaro’s hot versions – the SS and ZL1 – shout be treated equally. Not long ago they announced they have complete upgrade packages for the SS that took the model up to the bonkers 1,000 ponies power level. Now they’re back for the ZL1 as well, taking the Corvette Z06-engined version to the same preposterous threshold.

The SS versions need an eight stage upgrade roster to reach a flagship grade 1,000 hp, while the sportier 2017 ZL1 will only need four stages to reach the same maximum level. The HPE1000 Camaro SS has been rated at 1008 hp, with the HPE1000 ZL1 reaching “just” 1,000 hp – so differences still exist. If you’re not going to the drag strip on a regular basis, Hennessey also has you covered with power kits for taking the power level from the already impressive 640 ponies in standard guise to 740, 800 or 850 hp.



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