Hennessey teases Venom F5’s interior with plenty of carbon fiber image

We saw recently a short video that painted a brighter light on the hypercar’s design, and after the exterior Hennessey has decided to give us a taste of what customers will come to expect inside.

And it seems Venom F5’s cabin is a great place to be if you’re a motorsport fan, with plenty of carbon fiber and also a central air vent layout that retraces the one from the exhaust tailpipes for additional symmetry. Unfortunately, the teaser doesn’t contain all the dashboard, only part of it, and it seems the carbon fiber use of course paying homage to the ligthweighting procedure. The three circular air vents look quite similar in appearance and configuration with the three-pipe exhaust system and we might see that as a sign of no coincidence.

Additionally, the teaser also gives us a plain view of the central infotainment system’s wide touchscreen – there are no physical buttons or knobs around it, and judging by the white dots at the bottom, what we see is just one of the available display modes. Let’s see what else shows the teaser – we notice the shift paddles behind the steering wheel, an alloy footrest at the bottom and yellow leather surfaces with white stitching at the top of the dashboard. Hennessey’s Venom F5 is marked for debut at the SEMA show in Las Vegas on November 1.