Hennessey to build 1.000 HP Cadillac CTS image

The American car tuner Hennessey has announced the developing of a new powerful CTS Cadillac which will produce somewhere around 1.000 horsepower.

Even though the Houston-based tuner is already offering a 700 horsepower version of the CTS-V Cadillac, compared with the 556 stock from the 6.2 liter supercharged V8, a new variant of the car will be available for a handful of customers.

John Hennessey has replaced the 6.2 liter with a 7.0 liter block in order to get the 1.000 HP, as well as the cylinder heads, camshaft or fuel system, while a pair of twin ball bearing turbochargers is replacing the supercharger.

The manual and automatic transmissions have been modified in order to handle the new torque, which now stands at 950 lb-ft.

But when you develop a 1.000 horsepower car you also need to make sure the “beast” will stop, so Hennessey fitted the CTS-V with 15.1 inch carbon ceramic discs front and rear, while the calipers have eight and six pistons, all covered by the 20 x 10 inch front and 20 x 13 inch rear wheels.

The US tuner hasn’t forgot even the interior of the car which now has Alcantara leather, carbon fiber for the door sills and the “Hennessey” name stitched in the headrests.

According to the car tuner, only 12 Cadillac CTS-V developing 1.000 horsepower will be made and they won’t be in the 50 state emissions compliant but at least they will hit 60 mph in 3.5 seconds and running a quarter mile in 10.9 seconds.