Hennessey Venom fetches $800k – it belonged to Steven Tyler image

Yes, it’s the Steven Tyler from Aerosmith and don’t worry, he’s really a nice guy – all of the proceeds from the sale of the monster with 1,200 hp went straight to charity.

You might remember just a few days back Hennessey brought the sad news of ceasing production for the great Venom GT – the only other car in the world that dared to compare with the mighty Bugatti Veyron in terms of maximum speed. And yes, both cars claimed to be the fastest in the world are now sharing – possibly – the same retirement home, reminiscing better days, so they’re pretty hard to come by. But during the recent Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction, one lucky deep-pocketed person walked away with the Venom GT that belonged to rock and roll icon Steven Tyler. It’s even better – because it’s the Spyder version, and the sale included a guitar signed by all Aerosmith band members, as well as a possibly marriage-ending week’s vacation at Tyler’s Maui beach house.

Hennessey Venom fetches $800k – it belonged to Steven Tyler 4

It was all for good deeds though – because all of the money will go straight to Janie’s Fund, a charity that works with abused girls, and was inspired by the 1989 hit, “Janie’s Got a Gun.” This particular Venom GT was one of five commissioned for the 2013 model year, and also the first Spyder. Power for this extreme Lotus with American badge is granted by a biturbo 7.0-liter V8, sending out 1,200 horsepower (894 kilowatts) and 1,155 pound-feet (1,565 Newton-meters) of torque.