Henrik Fisker teases new model from new brand with vertical doors image

It turns out Henrik Fisker hasn’t been deterred by the failure of the Karma back in the day and is looking for his new Fisker Iinc. brand to make a splash entry into the EV segment once again.

The scenario across the EV market is vastly different from where it was when the Karma first appeared, so it appears Fisker is looking to spice up things with an idea seemingly taken from the Tesla manual – go for quirky doors just like they did on the Model X. In the latest teaser for the model that might be presented in full next week we found that all four of the car’s doors will have a vertical opening movement. The ‘butterfly’ doors are seemingly there in order to allow for “easier ingress/egress”, according to Henrik Fisker’s official Twitter channel.

We also catch a glimpse of the stylish, futuristic sedan, packing a low profile and prominent spoiler sticking out of the rump. It also appears the car will use advanced materials – aluminum and carbon fiber. The yet unnamed Fisker model also appears to be a heritage successor of the designer’s Karma plug-in hybrid (now rebranded as the Karma Revero). The “premium” electric vehicle should also possess a new battery technology allowing it to go for over 400 miles (644 kilometers) on a single charge.


  • daniel ralf

    Simply put – amazing!

    • Barry

      yes! Fisker buzz is back again

  • Steven Nichols

    Vertical doors? No … Butterfly doors! EV industry is experiencing many disruptions lately – thanks to entrepreneurs like Fisker