The auto industry’s end product – the automobile – has long been seen as one of the best investment instruments. So, in that line of view, let’s see some cars that should be treated as future collectibles.

To support that collector/financial guru that resides in the true passionate, classic car insurer Hagerty, based out of Traverse City, Michigan, has compiled a new index that focuses on more than raw sales data to assess the collectible car market. Called the Hagerty Market Rating, the index gives a numerical value (up to 100) to show how well or poorly the collectible vehicle market is doing – using a weighed algorithm that uses fifteen data points sourced from eight categories. “We developed this as a tool to allow anyone who is serious about treating collector cars as investments to immediately take the temperature of the classic car market and truly understand the factors,” comments CEO McKeel Hagerty.

To lean some weight to their newly introduced index, Hagerty also compiled a list of ten cars that – in their opinion – will turn into assets if the owner decides to keep them until they turn into collectibles. The order is alphabetical. First off we have the Launch Edition of the Alfa Romeo 4C – it marks the return of the brand to the US market after years of absence. Next up, the BMW M4 Convertible, for rather obvious reasons. Third in line is the Chevrolet Camaro in its Z28 declination, a racetrack thoroughbred. Another Chevrolet comes next – the Corvette Z06. Then we naturally have the astonishingly powerful Dodge Challenger Hellcat. The 50-year old pony car is not ruled out – in its Mustang GT Performance package iteration. While the MX-5/Miata is now switching generations, you should actually buy the MX-5 MIata 25th Anniversary Edition instead. From now on we have three hot wheels on the list: the Mini John Cooper Works, the Subaru WRX STi Launch Edition and the Volkswagen Golf R.

Via Forbes


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