Here are some wacky cars from 2014’s auto shows image

Every automaker strives to bring its best possible lineup during the days of the world’s most renowned international motor shows. But accidents do happen and we can find hidden, totally wacky gems every year.

For every serious, elegant or technologically packed series or concept model on display we’re sure to find a goofy, wacky or plain crazy prototype or even production model. That’s because automakers also tend to allow their designers and engineers to show us how wild or fancy a future product might be. In some cases it turns out to be a fantastic design, in others… not so much. While we’ll let you be the judge on which category these cars belong to, here are some pics for the year’s end party.

Kia Niro – it’s actually not very goofy and belongs to a segment that has exploded in recent years – subcompact crossovers. Presented during the Chicago Auto Show, the eye-catching prototype has its charm and has been developed with urban hipsters in mind.

Renault KWID – another representative of the ascending crossover segment, but with a twist towards the wild side. It was presented during the Delhi Auto Expo in India and while having a drone to scout traffic ahead is not crazy, using a “bird’s nest” lattice work on the seats inside is for sure.

Toyota iRoad – should be the ultimate vehicle when it comes to personal urban transportation. It’s a three-wheeler designed for egoists as it has room for just one person, but in return you get high maneuverability and a canting powertrain design.

Honda N-Box Slash – it’s not a concept, as it can be ordered in Japan since last week. While it definitely fits the Japanese econo-box category, with interior space to spare and tiny wheels and engine, the model evokes America with a red-and-white “California Diner Style” or a music-themed “Tennessee Session Style.”