Here’s a green Toyota Prius clad in a sporty body kit image

TOM’s Racing has decided to preview its upcoming work that has to do with the hybrid model everyone loves – the latest generation Toyota Prius.

We’re not exactly sure how a more dynamic appearance will fit with the eco credentials the best selling hybrid in the world boasts, but we’re rooting for Tom’s Racing making nice touches as the Prius is about as beautiful as chewed dog food. Anyways this is only our subjective belief and the Prius never looked to winning any Pageant contests – it rooted more towards those having to do with efficiency. And by the way, given the fact the new generation’s design is a Love/Hate scenario, there will be people finding it way more appealing than before. We also know Toyota Racing Development is looking to present its own take on a body kit and Wald International has also started researching the issue. TOM’s Racing has decided to jump the gun and deliver a small taste of what’s in store from their expert garage when considering the 2016 Prius.

Those looking to add an extra sporty touch to the efficient hybrid will find Tom’s Racing has prepared a new bumper/spoiler attachment, a rear diffuser, some nice new and larger side skirts and at the back resides a very interesting quad exhaust. While wondering what’s the purpose of the four tips doing zero emissions movement, you can also think of the lowered sports suspension that will look great if mated to the set of bigger alloys. There’s no detail concerning the powertrain so we’re assuming the “impressive” 121 hp (90 kW) power has been left untouched.