Here’s an eBay find you’ll love: BMW performance collection image

US collector has the E34 M5, E30 M3 and the “baby M3,” 325is but has decided to part ways – so the impressive trio is now available for the highest bidder.

These are probably some of the most iconic products coming from the performance division of the Bavarian marquee and all cars have also been lightly and tastefully touched in some way. Apparently, owner Justin Sciacca of Brookfield, Wisconsin, has been collecting this BMW holy trinity for some time after he found this passion at a young age. “I fell in love with the lines of the [BMW] E30 when I was 13 or 14. I grew up with my Grandfather in the house, and went to a lot of classic car shows with him, so always loved the older/boxier looking cars,” Sciacca said. “I begged my mom and dad to get me a 325is but they said that was too much car for me.”


When he was ready to graduate architecture school at Cooper Union in New York City, his parents came through and offered him a pristine 1990 BMW 325is, costing $8,500. After 9-11 hit he made the decision to move back home and on the way he took along a beaten E30 M3. The clean (E34) M5 appeared as a gift for the parents. “My dad almost never drove it, and babied the crap out of it! I had to twist his arm a bit to do the Dinan 3.9-liter Stroker conversion, because he doesn’t like to mess with his M5,” he added. “But European E34 M5s came with 3.9-liter engines, so I explained to him technically he was just putting his M5 back to original-spec, so he agreed.” Now, as the man dreams about opening up a bakery, his collection is up for sale on eBay – all three, the 1991 BMW M5 , 1990 BMW 325is , and the 1990 BMW M3 being clean and costing less than a new BMW M5.

Via eBay