Here’s Cipher – Charlize Theron as a baddie in the Fast 8 image

The actress is one of the Hollywood sex-symbols but we have to remember her repertoire even includes Oscar-winning performances (Monster) – meaning the Fast 8 crew is in for a big ride with her as the baddie.

Of course we prefer Theron as a skin-head amputee to the deranged psychopath (with a twist of Aeon Flux to get things spicy) in Monster, but she may have to recall those days when she delivers the lines as Cipher, the mysterious villain character she was cast to play in the Fast 8 movie. We’re hoping that such an important actress will be given the opportunity to put her own personal stamp on the baddie so we’re not being treated to a run of the mill girl villain that looks good even when she tries to kill you.

There aren’t any details about her character – or the plot of the movie, to be earnest. We saw the crew chilling in Cuba, we saw the second crew unit breaking up cars and we know the action should have a stint in New York. But other than that, blank, and that’s for a movie that comes to life in March 2017. Considering the way things are going at Hollywood we can expect two outcomes – the trailer will deliver important plot points (err, we’re looking at you Batman v Superman) or will keep the action tightly wrapped up in mystery (hello Cap America, Civil War and Suicide Squad). We’re hoping for the latter – and we’re hoping for extended screen time for Theron , please make Jason Statham stay out of our way for as much as possible.