Here’s the stunning Ferrari 458 you’ve been looking for, courtesy of Misha Designs image

The guys over at Misha Designs have decided that a Ferrari 458 needs some partnering to properly develop so they tapped CarNinja to assist with the spectacular carbon fiber wide body kit they had imagined.

Take a Ferrari 458 Italia – it’s the pride and joy of the Italian prancing horse house. And being an Italian design there’s little to be done to bring improvements. On the other hand, there’s also little to be done to completely ruin it. But sometimes going full steam ahead can deliver a stunning result that transcends other works that deliver crappy results (Mansory we’re looking at you). One such feat – so over the top that it’s actually brilliant – has been delivered by Misha Design with some help from CarNinja. The tuner has been teasing the kit as far back as March this year and now it was finally able to deliver it and the complete work was admired during the recently concluded SEMA in Las Vegas. We can clearly see the influence for the work – the track-oriented FXX K. So, we have the 458 Italia wrapped in candy red with a glossy black roof and riding on concave wheels clad with all-season Toyo Proxes tires.

Misha has actually decided to deliver two versions of its aggressive body kit – the tamed one having to do with the hood, front bumper, fender, side skirts, rear bumper and wing. The second, more “dynamic” version will increase the width of the car even further and comes with side skirts with air ducts. Here the FXX K influence is even more obvious due to the one-piece carbon fiber wing blade. Misha Designs said the kits are already up for grabs and customers should hurry if they want the latter which only comes in an exclusive 20-unit production run.