Real life super-heroes do exist – and they apparently drive Tesla Model S electric cars, at least as far as this particular case is concerned. And the good deed didn’t go unnoticed.

While Tesla Model S owners are well known to care more about their cars – this is the case with any early-adopter – than others, perhaps also because the aluminum body is expensive to repair, this time around this wasn’t the case. A man driving his Tesla Model S has been praised as a hero after a daring rescue performed on the Autobahn with the help of his electric sedan and disregarding of the damage caused. According to local media, the 41-year-old driver of the Tesla was on the Autobahn when he noticed the Volkswagen being driven erratically – as he pulled alongside, Manfred Kick was surprised to see the driver was actually unconscious.

Heroic rescue sees Tesla owner save VW driver on Autobahn 2

His only course of action was to pull up in front and then brake slowly, with the VW pushed to stop by the rear bumper of the Model S. The fire department arrived on scene and allegedly determined the driver may have suffered a stroke – while driving – and the Tesla driver’s quick thinking and forward action may have helped save his life. And while the story goes that all good deed don’t go unpunished it turns out Tesla chief executive Elon Musk found about the story and decided the automaker would provide the repairs in expedited fashion and also free of charge.

Via Feuerwehr München/Facebook


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