Hertz offers Lotus Evora as a rental car image

The new Hertz “Adrenaline” range, as part of the Fun Collection in Germany, Spain, France and UK, is offering Lotus Evora vehicles as car rentals.

Even though you are maybe used to dull and boring cars when you are going to a rental company, this may just change the view on it. Hertz’s European rental car fleet just got bigger with Lotus Evora, the same car as the Italian Carabinieri use on their speed-missions.

“We are pleased to extend our agreement with Hertz. The exclusive collaboration provides the perfect opportunity to make our stunning world class sports car available to the luxury rental market. The lightweight, mid-engined rear wheel drive configuration performs like no other and the 2 + 2 seated Lotus Evora is the perfect choice for those who desire exclusivity and high performance motoring. Driving an Evora during the weekend will be an unforgettable experience for any sports car enthusiast”, said the Director of Sales from Lotus Guillaume Chabin.

Renting an Evora isn’t cheap and it will cost you at least 250 euros per day and the car can be picked up in France (Bordeaux, Biarritz, Marseilles, Nice and Paris Charles de Gaulle and in Porte Maillot), Germany (Munich and Frankfurt Rhein-Main airports), Italy (Rome Fiumicino and Milan Linate airports), UK (London Heathrow airport) and Spain (Madrid and Barcelona airports and Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella downtown locations).