High-luxury cars bring the chauffeur back in fashion image

There was a time when owning a luxury car and having a certain social status equaled with the owner many times not even owning a driver’s license. And now it looks those times are fashionable again.

Some people – a small minority envied by the many – seem to have been born to get driven – they were took from private hospitals in Rolls Royce Phantoms to the 45-acre villa, went to school with bodyguards and in 18-feet limos and spent vacations in exotic places that need a helicopter or private jet ride.

And, being chauffeured around has other implications – you can do important stuff when commuting, from sending Facebook selfies to discussing the fate of the company you own, or even simply relax – after a night of clubbing, that is.

Anyway, the return of the age of the personal driver seems to have one simple cause – the influence exerted by the rich Chinese on foreign brand automakers – with Volkswagen’s AG Audi taking an early start in releasing long-wheel base versions of its popular models.

Now, no matter the geographical area, many premium manufacturers offer the coveted long-wheel base version – from traditionalists like Mercedes S Class or British purists like Bentley and Rolls Royce, to newly arrivals like the Porsche Panamera or Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography.

Via Bloomberg