We have seen a surge in the “barn find” segment in recent years and as such we can also be treated to lots of piles of crap – but every now and then there’s a model you wished magically appeared in your own garage.

This recent Shelby GT350 falls into the latter category – what we have here is a time-tested 1966 Ford Shelby GT 350. This very classic Ford will be up for grabs at the Bonhams annual event on the sidelines of the 2016 Greenwich Concours d’Elegance in Connecticut in early June. The ’66 model going under the hammer appears to have been an early demonstrator and occasional competition car for a Ford dealer in Framingham, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. It was later sold and its first particular owner took it out for 55,000 miles before putting it in storage back in 1976.

We don’t know the exact details about this “time capsule” park – but the period falls in line with those times when American fuel pumps and the big, guzzling V8 engines of the era didn’t bode well. Now out of storage and looking dusty and not really roadworthy, the car has its original documentation, including a Shelby brochure, as well as Cragar mag wheels that we can see with our own eyes. The model is also interesting because it’s a 1966 model looks over a 1965 model year build – Shelby made the switch for just a few 1965 units when they were brand new. These are called “carryovers” by Shelby and it is also a good car to qualify for vintage racing events.


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