Hints of Chevrolet Bolt production following Facebook posts image

It seems Chevy’s electric Bolt is almost ready for production, as some people with possible knowledge of the matter posted on Facebook comments on the subject.

Facebook is not exactly the right place to find reliable sources and rumors arising on the platform should be viewed with a certain degree of skepticism. Recent reports are indicating that Chevrolet Bolt could be in showrooms by the end of 2016 and several posts on Facebooks seem to confirm that the electric model is almost ready to be put together. On the Chevy Volt Owners page, two people seemingly familiar with the Bolt production schedule gave indications that preparation work for the Bolt’s assembly line may have already started at General Motors’ Orion plant in Detroit. “Programming robots for the Chevy Bolt,” said one of them, adding that he was “working on production sub-assemblies for the body of the car,” while another member of the group posted that “just installed the hood and liftgate in Orion for the Bolt… already have all our robots programmed for the closures.”

GM has said Bolt production will begin next year, but it has not mentioned when the deliveries are starting. However, it is expected for the all-electric 200 miles range model to be ready for customers in time for the 20th anniversary of the GM EV1 in December 2016. Bolt’s official introduction is set for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada – held between January 6 and 9. General Motors made a partnership with the electronics conglomerate LG Corp for the Korean company to develop and deploy electric motors, battery cells, dashboard displays and other electronic systems inside the Bolt.

Via Hybridcars