Hiriko EV might hit the market in 2013 image

The Hiriko electric vehicle, with its futuristic design a two seats, might hit the market sometimes in 2013 if all goes as planned.

Traveling in busy cities is becoming a problem with each passing day and many large and small automakers are trying to find a solution for commuting in busy cities and the latest example is coming from a group named Hiriko, which is part of the MIT’s Changing Places Group. The model developed by Hiriko is a two-seater electric vehicle and at this time is available as a testing prototype but, if all goes as planned, we might see a production version of this car sometimes next year.

Hiriko says that the length of the body of this vehicle is varying from 1,524 mm when it’s in the parking configuration to the standard 2,438 mm. The Hiriko EV is getting an integrated electric motor, braking and steering functions, along with the suspension system, in each wheel and this makes it a zero turning radius vehicle. The total range provided by the battery pack is 75 km (46 miles) and this is considered enough for the daily commuter. If the Hiriko EV will the green light for production, prices for the model are expected to start at 16,000 USD.

Source: carbodydesign.com