Hofele Design tunes the Audi Q7 image

The German aftermarket specialists at Hofele Design have recently pulled the wraps off their latest project, an upgrade package for the Audi Q7 facelift.

According to the tuning company, the new upgrade package for the facelifted Audi Q7 signed by Hofele Design is named the STRATOR GT780 and it’s adding some interesting goodies, which will definitely be appreciated by their future customers. According to the guys at Hofele Design, the Audi Q7 in question has received a new front bumper with larger air intakes and four additional lamps, the rear end is getting a wide apron diffuser and four oval tailpipes and the overall looks of the popular SUV have been sharpened by the larger wheel arch extensions.

The looks of the Audi Q7 modified by Hofele Design have been finished by the larger Reverso II wheels, 9.0×20-inch and 10.0×22-inch in size and by the lowering module, which is lowering the ride height of the German SUV by 40 mm at speeds below 80 km/h. The interior design of the model hasn’t been left aside either by Hofele Design and here we can find the bi-color leather, the modified door elements and some other minor tweaks which will be appreciated by customers. No performance details on the model have been announced for the moment.

Source: Hofele Design