Holden and PATAC Produce Two New Vehicles in China image

Holden and GM affiliate in China have signed a long-term deal to develop at least two new vehicles for the world’s largest automotive market.

Shanghai General Motors (SGM) and the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) is a 50-50 joint venture between GM and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp (SAIC) that provides engineering services including design, development and testing of vehicles for SGM.

Since Holden has signed a long-term agreement with PATAC there could certainly be more development work beyond just these two initial cars. The engineers and designers working at this project will be based in Holden’s Technical Center in Port Melbourne, Australia. No details were given on the cars to be developed.

“Holden is a valuable source of expertise within GM international operations and we’re one of only seven fully-integrated design, engineering and manufacturing operations in the GM world,” said Holden boss Mike Devereux.

Holden has previously helped GM to design and produce several other models including the Cruze Hatchback, Chevrolet Camaro and the automaker’s own Commodore sedan, currently present in the U.S. as Chevrolet Caprice police car.

“We have worked with SGM and PATAC in recent years on smaller projects, but this is the first significant, long-term project to partner our organizations,” Devereux said. “It gives the Holden workforce a great sense of pride to work on global vehicle programs like this and to see Australian design, engineering and manufacturing expertise exported around the world.”