Holden Astra Sedan is actually a South Korean-born Chevrolet Cruze image

We’re pretty used to General Motors selling the same model under different names across the continents, but it’s still a little confusing seeing a US Chevy Cruze, built in South Korea for Australia and wearing an Opel name under the Holden brand.

Yes… this is the short version. Anyways, Holden’s lineup is growing this year with the inclusion of a new version of the Astra Sedan. The Australian brand already has a regular hatchback Astra – based on the Opel Astra K – and a Coupe, based on the older Astra J. The new Holden Astra Sedan meanwhile it’s a Chevrolet Cruze with a different origin – because it’s not built alongside the US-spec model in America, in turn being produced in South Korea by GM Korea. Anyways, the new Astra Sedan is vastly superior to its predecessor because it uses a completely new platform with better comfort, handling and lots of onboard tech goodies.


Holden hasn’t detailed the powertrains just yet, but we have a hunch the same engines from the US spec model will be in use. No matter the trim level, Holden will offer the Astra Sedan with LED daytime running lamps, alloy wheels, DAB+, a 7-inch touchscreen, and a rearview camera. The prospective buyers still need to wait a little longer for this new Astra Sedan because it’s set to hit dealerships in May this year.