Holden Commodore to be sold in US under the Chevrolet SS badge? image

Since the demise of Pontiac killed the G8, reports and rumors have been flying around about the return of the Holden Commodore as a Chevrolet to the United States.

But now, according to the Drive magazine, an announcement of an export program for the Holden Commodore sedan to the U.S. is imminent, possibly coming as early as this Friday.
In addition, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union state secretary John Camillo said any increase in exports by Holden was a good thing for South Australian workers.

“The more they export, the better it is for workers at the Elizabeth,” he said.

Strong sales of the new compact helped offset the downturn in demand for the Commodore and led to a modest black-ink result of $89.7 million, down from the $112 million a year earlier but still a considerable positive considering the Australian carmaker lost money for six straight years before 2010.

Holden, which in March, secured a government rescue package worth more than AU$200 million (US$201 million) after it threatened to shut down its Australian operations if it did not receive financial aid, is expected to introduce the new rear-wheel drive Commodore by early 2014.
Stay tuned for an update.