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Dark times for Australian car production – after Toyota ended manufacturing in the country so did Holden when its final example rolled off the production line after 69 years of uninterrupted work.

The moment was marked with a special private event for employees and media, the automaker celebrating almost seven decades of manufacturing in Australia. Holden, which has been in existence and implicated in the transportation industry as a saddle manufacturer since way back in 1856, has assembled more than seven million vehicles at home in Australia – more than 7.6 million to be more precise. The final example to roll off the assembly line was a Commodore Redline. “With 85 percent of all workers to date successfully transitioning, we’ve worked closely with our people to support them,” commented Holden Chairman and Managing Director, Mark Bernhard.

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The company said it will keep more than 1,000 workers at its Melbourne headquarters and also retain its entire design and engineering teams, working on local and global vehicle and transportation projects. “Right after supporting our people comes ensuring we set Holden up for success for many years to come,” Bernhard added. The company has announced a strategy to introduce 24 “major vehicles” and 36 new drivetrains by the end of the decade, among them a “world-class and diverse” SUV range, as well as a V8 sports car, and a new Commodore.