Holiday mood – fancy a ride in Jaguar’s brand new F-Sleigh? image

Take your red nosed reindeer (actually a worthy companion if you live in places such Alaska – though they call them moose there) or at least your dog elf with you and embark on the latest journey provided by Jaguar into the land of fantasy.

The British automaker with Indian parentage has decided to embrace the Christmas spirit and have a new model on the roster – aptly name the F-Sleigh. We’re not actually talking here about another aluminum-intensive structure like the all new Jaguar XE midsize sedan, but rather an ice sculpture that was presented at the London Edition hotel. It has been inspired by the F-Type open top and comes with bespoke skates and an open cargo compartment for Santa’s bags of gifts. Since we’re talking here about a XXI-century contraption for the Christmas Eve night, the F-Sleigh comes nicely fitted with a Growler-embossed red nose and a couple of jet engines that will make more power and noise than nine reindeer.

“The amazing F-Sleigh may be a bit of Christmas fun, but it proves that Jaguar Land Rover is now creating much more than world-class cars,” commented Jaguar Land Rover Director of Branded and Licensed Goods Lindsay Weaver.

The sculpture was actually commissioned as a marketing stunt for the 2016 collection of branded goods from Jaguar and Land Rover. These include such amenities as luggage, clothes, 1:8 scale model of the 1957 Jaguar XKSS and the company says it has partnered with luxury brands such as 2×2 Ltd, Art Fragrance, Barbour, Bremont, Globetrotter, Menrad, Oliver Sweeney, or Landy Books.