Honda’s new 2.2 diesel engine – 110g/km image

After being criticized that its diesel engines are not “clean enough” and wanting a bigger shot at rivaling the German car manufacturers, Honda Motor Co. will present a new 2.2 liter unit which will be releasing just 110g/km of CO2.

“To achieve a good CO2 figure you need to optimize every aspect of the car. But we haven’t compromised the performance character of the engine”, said the Honda engineer Katushi Watanabe.

According to the Japanese manufacturer the new i-DTEC engine is developing 148 horsepower, the same as the “not so eco-friendly” unit in the Accord and 10 HP more than the Civic’s 2.2 CDTi.

The auto maker says that the CO2 figure is 29g/km better than the old Civic’s and 5g/km were gained by the Idle Stop system.

The new 2.2 liter diesel engine, which is emitting just 110g/km of CO2, will make its official debut on the next year’s Honda Civic and will be presented at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

  • W. Leslie. L.

    Will it be coming to the USA, since Mazda will be bring one in 2013. Have a 2009 Jetta sportwagon T.D.I. 6 speed. Enjoy the VW very much.