The American division of the Honda car manufacturer lost the battle with its main German rivals for the first six months of the year and has announced a 2.6 decrease of sales compared to the same period of 2010.

American Honda Motor Co. managed to sell 687.944 vehicles from January to July, while July’s sales dropped by 25.6 percent, with only 80.502 new vehicles who have “found” their owners.

The Honda Division suffered a drop of 25.7 percent with 71.100 cars sold in the first six months of the year and the Accord model being the one chosen by most of the company’s customers in the over-seas auto market.

The Acura Division also suffered a sales decrease of 25.0 percent compared to the first six months of 2010, with 9.402 units and the MDX model which was top-selling.

“We look forward to improved inventory levels in the coming months as most of our North American facilities begin to return to full production in August. On top of that good news, customers will have two significantly updated Honda products to choose from this month with the refreshed 2010 Pilot and Fit hitting the dealer lots soon”, said the American Honda executive vice president of sales, John Mendel.


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