The Japanese automaker will present during the Triathlon Show 2016 in London taking place early next month the Honda Active Life Concept – essentially a quirky mobile bicycle workshop.

The automaker has based its latest outdoors’ concept on the regular Civic Tourer and the model that already married successfully practicality with an interesting design will become instantly recognizable across the bicycle community. This extremely niched concept has at its heart and soul a smart loading rack that can house two full-size bicycles inside the car’s trunk, keeping them away from the elements and those low clearance areas that are always threatening anyone who’s ever carried their bicycles on the roof. And since we’re dealing with a prototype, the rack also has a retractable arm that can extend outwards – for example assisting you to conduct on the spot repairs. It can also be the perfect assistance car – it has loads of bottle holders, a water tank, a toolbox, and front wheel holders.

Other interesting amenities include a light for nighttime maintenance work, an integrated air pump, an extendable shade over the tailgate and even a retractable bench. Other stuff can be stowed away in the integrated aerodynamic roof box. The exterior has a color switching blue shade that turns into gun-metallic finish and bespoke 18-inch wheels – the interior adopts the blue color scheme and the model also highlights Honda’s implication as a main sponsor of the Triathlon Show: London 2016.


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